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Stealth transactions. How it works.

Found: 6/17/2019
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First, let’s understand what stealth transactions are in the blockchain based on the Graphene engine. Imagine that Alice wants to secretly send Bob some money inside the blockchain, so that no one but them could see it. To do this both of them must go through some sequence of actions:
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How to Implement a Custom Blockchain for Your Business: Graphene Framework

Found: 6/7/2019
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Citation: "Though a blockchain is just a distributed ledger with an immutable chain of data, blockchains can be successfully implemented in various business spheres. They’re helpful if you need to keep track of records or make them unchangeable. And peer-to-peer networks allow you to restore information in case of data loss. On the other hand, using one of the most popular public blockchain networks for your company isn’t really safe, because your sensitive data will be accessible to everyone. Also, a public blockchain can simply lack some functionality needed for your business needs. The Graphene framework speeds up the design of custom blockchain networks while enabling to implement your business logic. In this article, one of our Apriorit blockchain experts shares his experience creating a custom blockchain network using the Graphene framework."
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