18.05.2019 - version 1.0.3:
- Added: Contribution menu. For now every blockchaidnex member may not only share his experience by post a publication but also find interesting publication from outside and placce link on it on Blockchaindex.
- Added: Donation block on main page.

07.05.2019 - version 1.0.2:
- Added: Publication topics structure

30.04.2019 - version 1.0.1:
- Added: User profile editing & viewing
- Added: Users publications and comments viewing
- Added: User avatar in comments
- Added: Publication author

19.04.2019 - version 1.0.0:
- Modified: Company creation feature
- Added: Publication creation feature for company
- Added: Publication creation feature for registered user
- Added: News creation feature for company
- Added: Comments feature for publication
- Added: Voting for publication, news, comments
- Added: Marketplace

14.11.2018 - version 0.5.6:
- Added: Service templates
- Added: links highlighting in the Company Service page
- An image with preview can be added to Company Service
- New preview of a company logo
- Improved storage alghoritm for images, logos

28.10.2018 - version 0.5.4:
- Approximate number of monthly visitors was added for the company list
- Sort by number of visitors was added to the company list

23.10.2018 - version 0.5.3:
- The "Content" section and the corresponding menu of the website are open, the first article was published.
- The biggest update of the companies data on our website is in progress

17.10.2018 - version 0.5.2:
- Admin panel improvements & bug fixing
- Creating & editing of a Company info is opened in user's Profile page for registered users

14.10.2018 - version 0.5.1:
- Admin panel released (beta), internal testing

25.09.2018 - version 0.5.0:
- New website design
- New "Services" (check a menu) section for finding a service offers

28.08.2018 - version 0.4.2:
- "Useful info" tab was added on Fund details form
- Market focus field was added on Fund details form
- Terms field was moved on Terms tab on Fund details form
- New funds were added: 500 Startups, Andreessen Horowitz, Danhua Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Hashed, KR1