General description

As soon as a user registers on our website, he can immediately post publications, comment on other users' publications and much more.

How to register?

Just click Register in the upper right corner of the page to start registration.

What's next?

After registration, go to your profile (upper right corner of the page) and you will see the tools available to you in the list on the left.

  • General. Your nickname and email are displayed here. Your email is not visible to other users. Here you can change your password.
  • User information. Fill out information about yourself so that other users of the site can get to know you better.
  • Personal messages. Your personal correspondence with other users of the site will be presented here. The section is under development and will soon be available for use.
  • Your companies. If you want to represent the interests of your company on the platform, you can fill in data about it and then post publications, news and communicate with the community on behalf of the company.
  • Your marketplace services. In this section, your company can place for sale various services that will be available for purchase to all users of the web site in the Marketplace section.
  • Orders for your services. In this section you will see all the orders of your services and their status.
  • Your orders. You will see in this section all orders you made and their status.
  • Your invoices. If you are selling or buying something, this section displays all your financial transactions and their status.
  • Your publications. In this section, you can create a new publication and see all your publications and their status.
  • Your news. If you act on behalf of the company, then in this section you can create news of your company that will be visible in the news feed on the web site.

How to participate in discussions?

You can leave comments and rate the publications posted on the web site. Comments are posted under the publication as and the widget for posting a positive or negative assessment of the publication. You can also rate news and comments from other users.

How will the website develop?

We are focused on creating a convenient tool for the blockchain community and the industry as a whole, so we are constantly updating our web site to make it more convenient and functional.

In our immediate plans:

  • Creating a system of ratings and achievements for authors.
  • Subscribing to authors, subjects and companies.
  • Private messages.
  • And much more.

You can send us your suggestions for improving the website to [email protected].